Monday, March 18, 2013

40 Prayers of Lent: Fifth Sunday in Lent

From Jesus' parable of the banquet in Luke 14: "Then the banquet host said to his servant, 'Go out into the roads and lanes, and bring people in so that my house may be filled.'" (Luke 14:23, adapted from the NRSV).  Who needs an invitation to "come in" from being outcast and shunned? Is it someone you've excluded, or is there someone you've noticed who feels uncertain about participating? Are you the one who needs an invitation to "come in" to be nurtured and filled?

The great banquet
All are invited.
"Come to my table
There is room for all.
None will be turned away."

As I come to the feast
Who do I bring?
Whom have I forgotten?
Whom have I left behind in my haste?
I shall keep my eyes on Him
But do not let me forget those around me.
My family, my friends, my neighbors

Come to the table he set
Come with your eyes set on him
Come to the feast of Christ
Here is a link to Rachel's prayer.

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