Tuesday, March 19, 2013

40 Prayers of Lent: Day 30

Before I get into my prayer writing, I can't believe we are already on day 30 of Lent. Palm Sunday is 5 short days away. And then Easter. Easter will be different this year as we will not be home. This will be the first year we are not at FUMC for Easter since we joined the church. This will be my first secular Easter in a very long time. I love Easter Sunday services. I love the old hymns, "Up from the Grave, "Christ the Lord has Risen Today" and of course the "Hallalujah Chorus." I'd love to sing more from "The Messiah" at Easter, but it seems to have a firm place at Christmas time. I think I will really miss service this year as it feels like a true new beginning. Maybe we can find a sunrise service to sneak off to.


Today's prompt: What metaphor would you use to describe how you connect to God? As a headphones plugged into the heart of music? As a branch connected to the life of a vine?

In the stillness
In the quiet
You speak directly to me
But I keep moving
Keep going
And forget to stop and wait
I need to find the place
Where you are waiting for me
In the stillness
In the quiet
Bring me to that secret place
Where we can meet
And I can feel your peace
In the stillness
In the quiet

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