Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Well, another month got away from me. November and December were busy in the Dailey house. We are now all unpacked and settled into our home. I found the last box of Christmas decorations in the crawl space, behind the crib mattress. Once I found that box, I figured I know where everything is.

My dad came out for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed putting my kitchen to a true test with a turkey and all the fixings. We all really enjoyed it. Rocky worked the day after by shooting a story with the early risers at Target. (You can see it on Billingsgazette.com.) We did do a little shopping on Black Friday, but fortunately, the stores in our area were not that busy. Maggie had fun opening her presents from Papa "Wich" and visiting the airport.

We took Maggie to see Santa at the Gazette family Christmas party. She was very excite to see him, but didn't want to get too close. She took a bag of candy and the gift (a singing Eeyore), but wouldn't let us get close enough for a photo, even with Momma and Daddy. We also got a family photo taken and she was very good through that.

Rocky and I are both done with classes. I'm taking a break and am going to try to figure out what I'm going to do. The pre-reqs for the MBA course are difficult to do online, so I'm looking into other options for that. Rocky is still waiting to hear if he was accepted into the PhD program at MSU. So, no classes for us this spring.

Rocky's parents came out for Christmas. They got a chance to babysit Maggie. She really enjoyed spending time with them, unless Momma or Daddy was around. She loved playing "Get Papa!" or scare "Grain-ma". Several times, she would make sure all of us were around. She impressed Papa and Grandma with her prayers "Bess us oh Lowd" and her singing -- especially "Feliz Navidad." We got a very cute video of Maggie saying "Mewy Kis-mas, Felz Na-dad, Joy Nol" now we just need to get it so we can share it. She was a very good girl at Christmas eve services.

We had a really nice Christmas. Way too many presents, which at the time of this writing, some are still waiting to be opened by Maggie. She loved her kitchen and Woody doll. I think next year there will be a limit on the number of presents!! The rest of us were very blessed with gifts as well. We had a very nice lazy day.