Saturday, May 10, 2014


Progress!! While my weight continues to fluctuate, I feel like I am seeing some progress in the mirror. I need to work on my eating habits. My Vegan for Lent was extremely unsuccessful. As I'm standing in line to wait to pick up my latest Bountiful Basket -- which I really decided to do because we NEED to eat more fruits & veggies and I need to be more deliberate about just serving them. Taking an apple or orange with my lunch each day will help me from grabbing Cheez-its. I'm swearing off pop. I probably need to take some time away from wine. Drinking my calories is such a weakness.

I know I can't do this alone. The spirit and flesh are weak!! I have started beginning my days reading through the Bible on my phone and my prayers include strength to eat right and not skip the gym. I know with His help I'll get there. And even if my weight doesn't change, at a minimum I'm healthier and can keep up with the girls!!