Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 2007

April has gone by quickly! So much going on. We had a quiet Easter. It snowed the Saturday before so it was a little cold to do anything outside (it was very pretty though!). We did some shopping and got to listen to a reading at Barnes and Noble of "If you give a mouse a cookie." Maggie wasn't sure what to think of the mouse, but kept saying she wanted to say hi.

We still have to take her 18 month pictures, even though she's almost 19 months old now. She had her first dental visit this month. She didn't like it very much, but the student dentist (we went to the dental school) said she has very healthy teeth. She likes to brush her teeth. She talks so much. She is starting to get frustrated when she can't do something or we don't understand her. She is starting to count -- and can count to 6, though she usually forgets 1. She also loves to sing a long with Elmo or the ABC song.

Maggie and Rocky have gotten a lot of Dadda/Daughter time this month. I've had some extra time at work for events and even made a 3 day trip to Billings Montana on an interview for a recruiter position for the Billings Clinic. I liked them and they liked me, so we are moving to Billings this summer!! We are very excited to move back west and be within a day’s drive of family. I'm happy I found a position that is similar to my current position. Rocky is looking for jobs, but is also looking forward to the possibility to staying home with Maggie for a while. Though, we do want to find something for Maggie at least part time so she can continue to get interaction with other kids.