Monday, April 28, 2008

April 2008

Another month flies by! We have Maggie signed up for pre-school twice a week this fall. Her day care offers it, so we figured we should take advantage! Plus it will come in handy in 2 years when we will be looking at kindergarten. Maggie loves to sing. I got her a Sesame Street CD and she just loves to sing and dance to it. Now that it's nice, we're hanging out in the garage more and she will run around, helping daddy fix stuff or "feeding" Otis.

We have plans for getting our yard in next month. We are very excited and very ready. We got a great quote and are going to do a sprinkler system at the same time. Not sure what we'll put in for bushes, trees and plants yet, but I'm hoping for lilacs, peonies, a fruit tree (apple?) and a burning bush or two. The yard guy said that most anything will grow in our backyard -- it gets lots of sunshine and it pretty good soil (if you don't go down too far). We are also looking into a pump from the creek, but we aren't sure if that's going to be more trouble than it's worth.

We are having a very pleasant spring and I'm really looking forward to having a backyard for us to play in. Now if I could just keep Maggie away from the tulips!