Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 2007

Maggie continues to grow and amaze us by what she can do. She seems to have entered the Monkey phase. She loves to climb. She loves to put diapers on her babies. She loves her puppies and will give them lots of hugs. Maggie seems to really love being in Junior Toddlers. We hang out for a few minutes before dropping her off and she always has to show us something. She really loves playing in their little kitchen -- cooking and cleaning! She doesn't cry very often when we drop her off. If Lucy is there, they will sit and have Cheerio's together or will go play. We have our first parent conference tomorrow, but I have no concerns about how she's doing. Maggie will bite on occasion, but it doesn't seem to be a problem - yet. Maggie is talking more and we are really starting to understand her. Cousin Zac visited again this past weekend. After he explained one of his theories, Maggie said "You're smart." Not sure if she intended to put aleck on the end of that or not.

Maggie and I have spent our last couple of flex days playing at the mall. Maggie has no problem warming up to new kids, though she also likes playing alone. We went to church last Sunday and she seemed to have a great time, and now that football season is over, we may start going more often and going to the later service. Rocky and I are still just plugging away at work and not much interesting to say. We are hoping to take a short trip over spring break. We had hoped to be able to afford a real Spring Break - WOO HOO trip, but airline prices seem to be jumping up a lot!

We do ask for your prayers for my Uncle Ed and Aunt Jeanne who are suffering illness. Rocky's mom is doing very well and hasn't seen any illness in quite some time. She and Mike are officially retired and are hoping to come visit this May.