Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And Now We Have Jessie-isms!

So hard to believe Jessie is almost 2 years old already. She has become her own independent person and is starting to be more of a little girl than a toddler -- though her not-quite-grown in hair keeps her looking like a baby. She is talking a lot and much more of it is understandable. About a week ago she said her first prayer at bedtime: "Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, puppy. Ah-man!" She also reminds us to pray before dinner time, at least when we eat at the table. She seems to be enjoying her time at home with Daddy. He's getting her on something that resembles a schedule, now if Mommy would just follow it too! She is trying to figure him out though. The other day at nap time when crying didn't work she started with "Daddy, are you?"  She loves to see the "an-mas" at the Zoo. Last weekend the tigers were front and center and she pointed out the "maows" to us. (Both girls thought it was cool when one tiger decided to "mark" the glass! ) Jessie also loves both Rusty and Wiconi. Wiconi is fairly tolerant of her while Rusty loves to try to play with her. She has been trying to give both dogs commands though her "ahout" (out) and "it" (sit) are not carrying much weight with either of them yet!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Reading Again, for the First Time

The more I read the Bible, the more I am finding things that I either didn’t read before, didn’t understand, or are coming to a new understanding as I get older [Rocky is wondering if I’m starting to go through a mid-life crisis – not sure if that’s a bad thing if it takes me deeper in to the Bible].  Last week, in my psalms study, I read Psalm 11 and one phrase suddenly brought me comfort, where before it was frightening, making God seem far far away.

Psalm 11:4: The Lord is in his holy temple …

In the past, I’m sure I took this simple sentence at face value.  God is somewhere, far way, in a temple.  I will need permission, a pass, a background screen, walk through a metal detector to get to him; He is inaccessible because he is in a temple.

Last week, however, I read the entire psalm, which is quite short, and re-saw what David was praying about.  David was praying about refuge from the wicked and wondering why the wicked were allowed to get away with, well, being wicked.  It’s been the theme of the past few psalms.  The wicked are given a free pass, the wicked are chasing me and yet the Lord does nothing.  But wait, God is present, he IS in his holy temple and is on this throne.  He is observing: which feels to me like he is not just watching us like some cosmic reality TV show, he is taking notes, he knows what is happening and will examine and provide justice.  HIS justice, not mine, not someone else’s, not society’s, but HIS.  I think that’s the tough part. We, and by “we” I mean “I”, want human justice.  We think justice is only in this life, but there’s more to it.  God is the ultimate judge and I need to remember that the Lord IS in his holy temple, he IS on his throne, and he WILL impart HIS justice.

vs. 7 For the Lord is righteous,
he loves justice;
the upright will see his face

Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspired by “The Lorax”

Rocky took Maggie to “The Lorax.”  She LOVED it!  When they got home, she told me, it was the Best. Movie. Ever. Since then, she has stopped conversation several times to tell me about something funny that happened in the movie, or a line that made her laugh.  This weekend, it was so nice, we had the sidewalk chalk out and, while Jessie napped, Maggie & I hung out in the front yard where she started drawing “And Mom, you will have to guess, but I will give you hints.”  Turns out, she was drawing a “Truffula Tree,” though she didn’t have a black chalk, so she used the colors she liked best.  She explained to me that we had to draw stumps too.  Once the tree was complete, she drew a sun with the last Truffula seed planted below.

Sidewalk chalk1Sidewalk chalk3

“Mom, the movie just makes me want to draw!”

Sidewalk chalk2

The finished drawing:

Sidewalk chalk4

My beautiful artist

Sidewalk chalk5

Friday, March 9, 2012

I believe

My baby is growing up. She lost her first tooth!! She was so excited when she first noticed it was loose. She was so worried that the tooth would fall out while she was asleep and then how would the Tooth Fairy know she lost her tooth?? I explained that the Tooth Fairy is magic and she would be able to get the tooth no matter where it was! She was very very relieved. And last night, she finally pulled it out, put it in her tooth pillow and happily slept in her bed all night.  The Tooth Fairy brought her $2 (inflation). I love that Maggie believes in make-believe and fairies and magic. We do talk about the difference between fantasy and real life, she also knows it's okay to believe.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Wine Cellar

My cellar is a 20 bottle wine rack Rocky & I purchased with a gift card to Bed Bath & 2012-03-03_17-47-06_769Beyond after our wedding.  In Virginia, it sat in the dining room (which we never really used other than for storage) and here, it ended up in the crawl space, which is actually the very best place EVER for a wine rack!  My wine is always at the best temperature, especially the reds.  I’m even enjoying the whites that I store at this temperature (the Barefoot wines of the world rarely make it to the cellar).  Since joining the wine club, my “collection” has started to grow and I’m just now starting to contemplate a 2nd rack.  I really like the idea of letting some of the Cabs and earthier wines sit for a year or two before opening.  And if that’s the case, a 2nd rack, further into the crawl space, may be just what I need. 


I was completely remiss in updating the wine club selections for February.  Part of the reason I didn’t update was when I read through the selection descriptions, I thought they might be better if they sit for a bit, or at least when we are having a hearty meal or sharing pizza with friends.  This wine club has really gotten me drinking a lot of reds, and I’m discovering I prefer reds on day 2, rather than day 1.  But it’s hard to open a bottle and not drink!

Tonight, I opened a bottle of Cameron Hughes Field Blend, Lot 313 (not part of the club selections). A 2010 blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Carignane.  We tasted this at Simply Wine a few weeks ago at a Cameron Hughes tasting.  The Field Blend was my favorite, and I ended up purchasing 2 bottles, at $11.99 each.  The Lot series is interesting.  They collect small lots of high quality wine from the world’s best regions.  This wine is smooth, juicy/berry tasting, without a lingering after taste.  It paired nicely with the steak tonight.

So, upcoming.  From February, we have

And in March:

  • Zin Your Face, another Cameron Hughes, so I’m looking forward to this “jammy” wine.
  • Hecula Monastrell (unable to find a website with information)
  • Grangia  Vino Blanco (unable to find a website in English with informaiton)

I will reference back here for links to the wineries as I enjoy these wines.