Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It has been a fairly uneventful March. We enjoyed a short trip to Hershey and Wilkes Barre, Pa. Our trip to Hershey was the first time Rocky and I have taken a trip that didn't involve visiting anyone or one of us working or attending a conference! We did end the trip with a quick visit to Rocky's sister Shelly and family. Maggie liked all the attention on the vacation, even if most of the people in Hershey thought she was a little boy. She loved running up and down the halls, eating all the chocolate and seeing the sights. Every time we saw a cow she would tell us they can Moo. She can tell you what sounds many animals make and will try to repeat almost everything we say. Very recently "No" and "My" seem to have become favorite words. She is really loving any kind of animal and was very excited to meet Aunt Shelly's cat Butters. She chased Butters around, but only wanted to look at his face.

The big excitement in Richmond was VCU's men's basketball team making it into the NCAA tournament. They made it to the 2nd round, but lost in overtime to Pitt.