Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maggie Maggie quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

We planted our garden the weekend before Mother’s Day and it is growing wildly!  I’m looking forward to harvest time.

Sugar snap peas, lettuce & cucumbers, all from seeds

2010-06-13 Garden 001

Pumpkins & watermelon, from seeds

2010-06-13 Garden 002

Squash from seeds, peppers from seedlings (the pepper seedlings are not doing as well as everything else.

2010-06-13 Garden 003

Broccoli, from seedlings

2010-06-13 Garden 004

Carrots from seeds (probably need to thin these out)

2010-06-13 Garden 005

Cilantro and basil from seedlings

2010-06-13 Garden 006

A fruit of our labor – the first tomato!  From seedling

2010-06-13 Garden 007 

Grandma, Jessie & Maggie enjoy the deck this afternoon after Maggie & I watered and weeded the garden.

2010-06-13 Garden 018

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