Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun with Grandma

Grandma Alana has been here since June 6.  Maggie has enjoyed having Grandma here, even though Maggie has gone to daycare most days.  I kept her home yesterday and she and Grandma made cookies.  Maggie loves making cookies so they had a lot of fun.

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Jessie slept through most of the baking.

2010-06-14 2010-06-14 001 005

After we finished the cookies, we headed to Lake Elmo State park for a picnic and to play with the Kriegers.  It got very hot, but we did stay a couple of hours.  I wish the park had more shady areas for Jessie as she ended up spending most of her time in the stroller in the shade.  Maggie and Olivia really wanted to throw sticks in the water, so Alyssa walked the kids to the swimming area and we had to promise to bring Maggie and Olivia back sometime, and we’d remember to bring their swimsuits.  We’re also going to set up more play dates for the park, zoo and spray park.

Maggie shows off her gymnastic skillz.  She told me “my daddy showed me how to flip.”

2010-06-14 2010-06-14 001 006

2010-06-14 2010-06-14 001 008

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