Monday, June 28, 2010


Maggie has not stopped being a source of wonderful smiles for us on a regular basis:
  • Last night, Maggie was playing with the Wii drum stand. Rocky asked her why. She explained she needs to practice for her drum class. A little later she came downstairs crying because she hit her head with the guitar. When Rocky asked her why, she said she needs to practice for her guitar class. So Rocky asked her where these classes take place. She thought about it a bit and said "South Dakota. But it's very far away so I need to practice."
  • At church yesterday, Maggie asked if my sister was in heaven. The question came out of the blue and not sure what she was thinking.
  • And my new favorite: "Mom, when you give someone a hug, you give them love."

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  1. I LOVE Maggie-isms!! She is such a funny little girl!