Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Sister Maggie


What to do with Maggie has been the question ever since we found out I was pregnant.  Fortunately, we have plenty of friends and relatives in town.  We were also some what “lucky” with the c-section: the timing was perfect as we could drop Maggie off at daycare, get to the hospital and have the baby AND still have time to figure out where Maggie would spend the night.  snuggleIn my denial, at first I thought Rocky could just go home and stay with Maggie.  But at least he was the sane one and said he would stay, even after I realized he needed to stay and told him so.  Once we returned to the room, Rocky started the phone calls.  A call to the Krieger’s found a spot for Maggie for the night.  We knew Maggie would be thrilled for a sleep over at Olivia’s – especially as she had asked for one just days earlier.

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Rocky picked up Maggie from daycare Wednesday afternoon and they pretty much came straight to the hospital.  Rocky said Maggie excitedly told all her teachers that she has a baby sister.  When they got to the hospital, Maggie showed a little concern for me (she had been very worried about me before daycare as she saw me in labor), but was tickled pink (have you thought about that saying? I think when Maggie first saw Jessie is the first time I’ve really understood it) to see her baby sister.  The excitement has not worn off, though.  Four days later and she’s still excited to see Jessie.2010-06-05 2010-06-05 001 002

Maggie’s no longer volunteering to change poopy diapers.  She watched Rocky change one at the hospital on Thursday (she really did not want to go to daycare, so we let her hang out at the hospital all day.  Not sure how much she enjoyed it, but she didn’t want to leave Jessie or me).  The first words out of her mouth were: “Eww gross.  Dad, that is DISGUSTING!” She tells us very often that “Babies sleep all day and cry all night.”

She also spent last night in her bed ALL night!  She had been telling us that she would AFTER the baby is born and she was true to her word.  She did wake up at one point and Rocky snuggled with her a little, but otherwise, she stayed there all night.  My baby is growing up.

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