Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 26

Well, I suppose I won’t be able to talk about Jessie’s age in terms of 0628000857days soon as she will be a month old on Friday!  Today, Jessie and I went for a walk at Lake Elmo.  There is not a lot of shade there, so we simply walked and when the gas got to be too much for Jessie, there wasn’t much more I could do but keep walking.  Fortunately, the rocky path seemed to help knock the gas bubbles out of her.  It was a nice morning, though leaving around 8:30 was almost too late as it was getting quite warm by the time we got home.  We did find a shady spot to change her diaper!

0628000850The park was lovely and the sky was so blue – not a single cloud to be seen.  I watched the carp jumping and a mother duck with her 4 ducklings try to avoid the carp.  Unfortunately, my cell phone does not take very good photos, so you can’t see the blue sky.  But the mother duck and her ducklings were adorable.

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