Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 9

We have been home for a week now. Jessie is still eating well, but her sleeping pattern is starting to vary. Some nights I get 2 - 4 hours in a stretch and sometimes only up to 1.5 hour stretches. Tonight, Rocky is going to take her. I've been pumping to prevent engorgement, so there is plenty of milk for Jessie. I think Maggie is looking forward to snuggling with Mom tonight.

Grandma Alana got here on Sunday. Rocky went back to work yesterday so we've just been hanging around the house. We got a reprieve from the clouds this afternoon and we took Jessie on a quick walk. It was nice to get out of the house, but Jessie wasn't happy with the short walk we took. She is awake now and can't seem to decide if she's hungry. She seems to enjoy watching Grandma and sucking/chewing on her pacifier.

Jessie's biliruben count was down on Tuesday so we didn't need to go back to the doctor again this week. We will see our pediatrician next week at her 2 week appointment.

We gave Jessie her first home bath the other night. Maggie was so excited to help give her a bath in the sink, because that's where babies like to have a bath. She got her stool up by the kitchen sink and helped put the water in the tub and pour in some soap. We got Jessie undressed and put her in the tub, at which point she started crying (and peed). Maggie told us that she was all done and went to play with Grandma.

Maggie loves her little sister and asks to hold her quite a bit. She's gone to daycare every day this week, much to her disappointment. Tomorrow, she, Grandma and I are going to do some shopping. She is very excited to have some "big girl's time." Grandma is leaving next week, so we might let her stay home one day next week to play more with Grandma. Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Mike are coming next week as well, so she'll have more grandparents to play with, and Jessie will have more grandparents to dote on her.

And me, well, I'm healing. Slowly. And trying to not get frustrated. The walk today was good, but a few hours later and I'm feeling it in my incision. I want to be at 100%, or at least 80%, and I'm not. I know it takes time and I just had major surgery. But it's frustrating. I know I just need to take advantage of this time.

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