Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raising a Smart Aleck?

Maggie is turning into a funny little kid:
  • The other day, she asked her dad for some milk. He asked if she wanted to come along and she said "No, I'm comfortable" and laid back on the couch, with her hands behind her head.
  • She wants to be a dog or wants us to be a "New Dog." She will then say "Mommy, look! A NEW puppy! What a nice puppy!" If we ask what the puppy's name is, she replies "Umm, Dog!" She doesn't quite understand the concept of "names."
  • At a hotel after we visited Great Grandma Hansen, I was laying on the bed watching TV and Maggie comes up to me and says "Okay, listen to me. Calm down" and does a "calm down" motion with her hands. About an hour after we got to my grandmother's for a visit (5 hour drive), Maggie turns to me and says "Okay, it's time to go home now."
  • Maggie came along to rehearsal one night when Rocky was there to get video. We sat in front watching the photos and she was looking at the lights. One of the performers came on stage and she turned to me and said "We're going to see a movie!!" I said "No, it's a musical." "A moos-icle? No, a Movie!" If anyone laughed while she was there, she laughed along and said "That's so funny!"

I know it's only a matter of time before she starts telling jokes.

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