Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's Hallo-weeeeen! It's Hallow-weeeeeen! I'm still singing the Diego Halloween song that Maggie had to watch this morning. She is very excited for Halloween and told me several times that she LOVES Halloween. She is dressed as a "spark-ley" ghost. They were to arrive in their costumes at daycare and were going to have a Halloween parade around the YWCA and visit a near-by vet center or nursing home (I can't remember which) to show off their costumes. Tonight, we will take Maggie around the neighborhood and then be at home to hand out candy. I'm sure, as it was last year, Maggie will be in "one for me, one for you" mode as she hands out the candy. I believe last year, she was even generous enough to share a half-eaten Tootsie Roll.

Later Halloween night: Maggie really enjoyed trick or treating and has asked to go again several times. She enjoyed handing out candy to the kids that came around, but wouldn't go near the door if the costumes were scary. She even fell asleep early!

In other news, Maggie actually took a nap last Sunday! Rocky and I had some time to ourselves and used it wisely! We played Monopoly on the Wii :)

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