Friday, October 24, 2008

Maggie in Preschool

Maggie's preschool class took a trip to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday and I was able to go along. 14-3 year olds, several parents and 2 teachers made for quite the interesting trip. One of her teachers, Miss Kim, rode with me and it was nice to get a chance to chat with her. Maggie goes directly to preschool from daycare, so we rarely get to see or talk with her teachers. Miss Kim told me that she sometimes has to remind herself that Maggie is a "young" 3. Maggie seems to enjoy preschool and will talk about her day. She will even occasionally tell them she needs to use the potty -- and use it!

The kids really had a fun time at the pumpkin patch. They have farm animals, a jungle gym and slide made from farm equipment and a corn maze. The kids loved going through the maze and picking up the corn that had fallen off the stock during the snow storm. They were quite muddy when all was said and done. Fortunately, they all wore their YWCA t-shirts, so their actual clothes did not get too bad. Every child did pick out a pumpkin and we had 2 wagons to haul them in. There were a few tears about who would get to pull the wagon until they remembered (were told) how to share pulling and pushing the wagon. They took the responsibility very seriously, until we got back to the jungle gym!

Nap time is apparently also a struggle at daycare. It is weird that it kind of makes me happy? Yesterday, when I picked Maggie up at daycare, she greeted me by telling me she had an "owie" and tried to explain what happened. Something about using her walking feet and her little friend Carmen. I wasn't concerned, until she fell asleep on the way home. And continued to sleep all night! Well, almost all night. I woke her up around 7:00 just to be sure she was all right. She fell back asleep until around 6:45 this morning! Fortunately, she woke up in a good mood. I asked the daycare director if Maggie had been hurt yesterday and whether or not she took a nap. Miss Sandy told me that Maggie is very good at pretending to take a nap! She will lay there very still until they think she is asleep and will then pop up! Fortunately, she is not distruptive. So it looks like Maggie is about ready to give up nap time, but not quiet time!

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