Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ye-gads, it's still snowing here! It may have let up a few times yesterday, but it has been falling steadily since Maggie and I got up around 6 a.m. (yes, she is an early bird). There is some wind, and it's very chilly, so Maggie and I are hanging around the house while Rocky is at class. Currently, Maggie is hanging out in a basket of clean clothes watching "The Incredibles." I'm hoping it is not "No-Nap Saturday" as I'd really like to be able to finish the laundry without her help and then maybe sneak in a few Wii games. If nothing else, it is the perfect day to watch movies, eat popcorn and have some hot chocolate (I found a great recipe by Paula Deen for a very rich hot chocolate!)

Nala would have adored this snow, but Otis has not changed his mind about the stuff. He's been out a few times this morning, to do his business, and has sniffed around a bit, but does not linger. My "unofficial" measure is between 5-7 inches, depending upon where I'm measuring. We are supposed to see somewhere between 9 and 18 inches. If this is a taste of winter, I think we are in for a snowy one!

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