Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

My little sweet pea is 3 years old. She is getting tall and leggy and I'm not exactly sure where that's coming from. Maybe some recessive gene that I get to carry, but no benefit from.

She really had fun on her birthday. She took treats into day care and had to carry them in herself. She was very proud! Rocky took her by the pet store on their way home and bought her a fish, which she promptly named "Fish the cat" and then changed to "Orange the fish." She was very disappointed that Orange is not allowed out of his bowl and onto her bed. She got to carry his bag into the house and just loves to watch him "simming!" She would feed him constantly if allowed. We had a bit of a fish theme with a fish shaped cake and a fish balloon as well. Maggie had to blow out her candles several times and was very meticulous, blowing out one at a time. She also received "Lyle the Kindly Viking" DVD and a board game based on "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?" She likes to "play" it, or pick up the cards and name the animals. We have also watched "Lyle" many many many times. She was familiar with the songs from a CD we have, but now seems to know the entire thing.

She received two birthday "crowns": one from day care and one from preschool. She really enjoys preschool. She remembers what crafts she did when and will tell you "I made that in Pwe-school!" They have 2 field trips coming up: to a fire station and the pumpkin patch. I'm hoping to chaperon the pumpkin patch, but the fire station would be fun as well -- especially if they put the kids in the helmets! I'm just excited that she's getting the chance to do these kind of things. I'm not sure how much she'll remember, but at least we'll have the stories to tell her.

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