Sunday, October 5, 2008

World's Smallest Tomato Crop

This past May, while enjoying a sunny day, Maggie and I planted some tomato seeds. I don't remember where I got the seeds, but thought Maggie would enjoy digging in the dirt and watering the potter. I didn't expect anything to come of it. Guess my thumb is greener than I thought. The seeds took off and by July 4th needed to be replanted into bigger containers (we had just gotten the lawn put in, so didn't want to disturb that). A month or so later, in looking at the plants, I noticed some red. As I got closer, I noticed 3 more -- we had 3 teeny tomato plants. They couldn't have been more than a 1/4 inch in diameter. I left them on the plant as I wasn't sure they would be very tasty and what are you going to do with 3 teeny tomatoes? A few weeks later, more teeny tomatoes appeared -- most of them green! Maggie and I took a sunny afternoon in September and picked the ones that seemed like they would turn ripe and brought them in. I rather thought that it would freeze soon and the rest would be lost. Again, I was wrong.

Yesterday, Maggie and I picked another batch of green tomatoes! She had a grand time, picking "her" tom-matoes! I didn't worry about their size this time around, though they are all still very teeny. Our crop has doubled in size! I'm still not sure of their taste (I'm a little fearful and not the best judge of tomatoes), but will be making a large pot of chili next weekend and plan to stew the little buggers in!


  1. She's precious! I don't know what was up with tomatoes this year. Were weather patterns just really "off" everywhere? We had weird, late-ripening tomatoes here in OH, and my parents in VA had hardly any actually grow!

  2. Hi Wendy and Rocky and Maggie.

    I just came across your link when toying around with Tammy's.
    You have a beautiful family, and I enjoyed reading about it.