Sunday, October 12, 2008

And it's still snowing!

Okay, actually, I think it has finally stopped snowing as I can see a little sunlight coming through the window, but we did end up with probably about a foot and a half of snow. It was around 40 the last time I looked at the thermometer and it seems to not be sticking to the concrete any longer. This morning, however, it was still snowing when we got up. Around 9, Maggie asked to go play in the snow and we decided to put her new snow suit to the test (which we bought just a week ago!) She was in heaven! We were out for a little under an hour and her cheeks and nose were very rosy. But the smile never left her face while we were outside. We tromped all over the backyard, and Otis even hung outside with us. He didn't seem to mind running and jumping through it while we were out there. We tried to get a video of him running, but for some reason, the camera didn't save it. We waded through the knee (for me) and hip (for Maggie) deep snow down to our little creek to "see the water." We got out the sled and made paths all around the backyard. We dug out Maggie's shovels and she decided to "help" Daddy shovel by putting more snow on the slab in the back. The digging didn't last long, she wanted to sled. Otis really got into the snow as he could more easily follow us around behind the sled and he even rolled on his back for a brief moment.

The snow is beautiful and while it may be gone by next weekend -- one of the joys of living in the dry climate of Montana -- we now know we have a little snow bunny on our hands. And I need to start looking for a decent pair of snow pants for myself (I did order some boots the other day and they'll get here just in time for this snow to be gone).

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