Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall returns to Montana

Fall has returned to Billings in all its glory. There are a few branches on the ground, heavy from the snow and leaves, but otherwise, the colors are vivid and bright and there is the smell of fall in the air. I really miss the smell of burning leaves. Too bad that's not allowed anywhere anymore. Every day this week, the snow banks got smaller and smaller, until now there is very very little snow left. We took advantage of a 70 degree day yesterday and visited the zoo. The animals were also enjoying the sun, but weren't very active. As the weather turns colder, they will become more active and I'm sure Maggie will enjoy the zoo even more. Maggie walked almost through the entire zoo -- with a little bit of a shoulder ride from Daddy!

Maggie has become a master in the art of "Nap Time Stalling." Yesterday, after spending the morning at the zoo and getting a hair cut and going grocery shopping, we thought for certain, Maggie would take a good nap. We were quite mistaken. There was cajoling, pleading, crying, bargaining and flat out stalling most of the afternoon. At one point, Maggie was laying beside me on the couch simply saying "Wubba wubba wubba" in a successful effort to fend off the nap. Both Rocky and I tried laying beside her -- nope. I heard her through the baby monitor saying "Daddy, wake up! Daddy wake up!" We tried leaving her alone with a video, only to hear to hear her singing along to her puppy. She is at the age where she could probably give it up, but we know she takes one a day care (peer pressure) and I doubt she fights them as much. Probably because she knows she won't miss anything there. She did eventually fall asleep last night -- around 7:30. She slept until 11 and then wouldn't let me leave her side. I'm sure that's because I was in Missoula 2 nights last week.

It was nice to visit Missoula and I even had time to walk around the campus. There are a few new things, but the old dorm looked the same and it didn't take me long to remember where to find things. It was a beautiful fall day there as well, and I wished I had brought the camera along. I even got to watch a little of the football and marching band practice. It brought back some lovely memories of my school year in Missoula and also a few thoughts about where my life would be had I decided to stay in Missoula rather than returning to USD. I'd probably be right where I am now, but it would make the college football season a little more interesting now that I'm able to watch the UM and MSU football games every weekend.

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