Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trim up the tree

A cursory look at artificial trees sent us back to the Knights of Columbus Christmas tree lot at a nearby Catholic Church.  We headed out, just Rocky, Maggie & me, leaving Jessie in Grandma Bonnie’s 2010-11-28 2010-11-28 001 003hands.  Maggie was very excited to go out in the snow.  She picked out a 7 footer, fairly soft needles.  The kid selling the trees told us this tree’s branches are stronger for ornaments.  Maggie picked out the first one we looked at, which is fine.  They tied it to the roof and we headed back home.  Fortunately, it’s a short drive back home.

Rocky & Grandpa got the tree in the tree stand in the garage and I brought the ornament boxes up.  2 strands of lights were duds, so we have less lights, but Maggie & Taylor did a great job decorating the tree so the tree looks great.  Taylor was quite amazed at just how many ornaments we have.

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