Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

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What a blessed holiday!! Rocky’s folks came out for the weekend and brought 2 of Tammy’s girls: Amy & Taylor. Maggie was thrilled that 2 of her “cousin girls” were going to come to visit and that she would have someone to play with all weekend long.

It’s been really cold here and Thanksgiving was no exception. Rocky said it was supposed to be the coldest Thanksgiving on record here in Billings. I spent the day in the nice warm kitchen. Though I did chase Maggie & Taylor outside at one point in the afternoon. It didn’t take Maggie long to beg to come in. I think it took longer to get her into her outdoor clothes than she spent outside! We had a wonderful meal with our usual menu – though this year we had a Caesar side salad and savory sweet potatoes with bacon and red onions.

No one wanted to get up early for Black Friday shopping, though Rocky had to go out Thanksgiving night and at 3 am to get all the Black Friday Shoppers. I took Amy out about 9 a.m. and we hit Target, Big Lots and Wal-mart. We stayed in the Heights and avoided the worst of the roads and shoppers! And we got everything we wanted from the ads – and a bit more, of course. When we got back, Grandma, Grandpa & Taylor went out for their own shopping excursion. Rocky just slept all afternoon!

We had a quiet evening and Saturday. Rocky & I plan to enjoy a night out and we’re planning to skip church so we can go out and get a Christmas tree while the Grandparents are here to watch the girls. We are currently debating investing in an artificial tree. Hopefully we can find one that look real.

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