Monday, November 1, 2010

A Halloween Weekend

 2010-10-30 2010-10-30 001 005We had a long weekend of Halloween activities! 

Maggie had a hard time deciding what she wanted to be.  Several weeks ago, she received a mermaid costume from her friend Caleb for her birthday.  Soon after that she decided she would be a “mermaid, princess, cowgirl, bright & shiny knight ninja.”  Then we went to Sam’s Club and she saw all the cool costumes there and changed her mind.  She decided she wanted to be a lion and Jessie should be a butterfly.  THEN Aunt Tammy came to visit and brought a Snow White and Cinderella costume.  Confusion set in.  She waivered back and forth until we told her she had several parties and could be both Snow White & Cinderella.  The Monday before Halloween, Maggie decided she really really needed to be a butterfly.  I explained there wasn’t enough time to make or IMAG0159 buy a new costume between Monday and her Halloween party at school.  So, she told me that it was okay, she would show me how easy it is.  She got a piece of paper and her crayons and designed her butterfly costume!  I did talk her into Snow White for Friday.  Which she told me “then, Mom, I will need an apple, pretty shoes and red lipstick.” (unfortunately we forgot an apple.)

Saturday, we met up with the Krieger's to Howl-o-ween at the Zoo.  Maggie & Olivia had lots of fun and were both very polite, saying “Trick or Treat” and “Thank You!”  Dylan enjoyed following the big girls and Jessie just loved watching everyone.

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Sunday morning, Maggie was Snow White at church, but decided to be a mermaid at the Halloween party in the afternoon.  Maggie had fun playing the games. We missed the parade, though, because Maggie was ready to get home and go trick or treating!

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Back home, Maggie was insistent that she finally get to wear a butterfly costume.  Daddy made her some antennae and I helped her put on her fairy wings.  She was very pleased with the results.

2010-10-31 2010-10-31 001 027

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. LOL! That is too funny that she changed costumes so many times.