Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 165

2010-11-14 2010-11-14 001 006 I can’t believe how big Jessie is getting.  A year ago, I was still a little in disbelief that another baby was on the way.  Only Rocky and I (and my OB) knew Jessie was on the way.  And now, here she is.  Probably getting close to 15 pounds, showing her stubborn personality in everything she does.  She wants to be mobile and has figured out how to get herself around as best she can by rolling and pulling herself around.  She can get herself up on all fours and will rock there a bit.  No crawling yet.  She has gotten a few rug burns on her nose and cheeks from rubbing her head on the floor trying to 2010-11-07 2010-11-07 001 003crawl.  She can sit supported and loves to sit up and bang on the baby piano.  She loves to play in her exersaucer, especially if she can watch Big Sister, whom she loves to laugh at and with.

We started Jessie on solids about a month ago.  She loves sweet potatoes and sweet peas.  She’s not quite sure what to think about the oatmeal and pears yet.

She is starting to work on getting some teeth and we’ve had a few sleepless nights.  She does sleep in her crib quite a bit, but every so often prefers to snuggle with Momma.

Tonight, she had her first story read to her by Maggie: “Dr Seuss’ ABCs”.  She giggled through most of it.

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