Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It’s a New Age of Wine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         More more wine! Again, I dug out a bottle called New Age that sat in my “wine cellar” since last summer. Actually, Rocky grabbed it when I asked for a glass of wine last week. I really kind of like it. It’s a great summer wine. Light, a little bubbly, and fruity, it’s great for sitting on the deck or in the back yard (like during a backyard movie, watching Steve McQueen & Paul Newman in “The Towering Inferno”, with friends) .

The wine itself is Argentinean and comes in white and rose. I found a great review from a Las Vegas newspaper reporter, Gil Lempert-Schwarz on the white. While we were out on Saturday, we stopped by City Vineyard and I picked up 2 bottles of the white and 2 bottles of the rose. The rose is a bit sweeter, as you would expect, but has the same bubbly feel as the white. I’m kind of on an Argentinean kick when it comes to wines and seem to like everything coming from South America. I still like my Grooner (which is actually Austrian), but it’s kind of nice to have a 2nd “go to” wine, especially one that gives me 2 options.

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