Friday, August 13, 2010

Joy in the Journey

I’m returning to work in 2 weeks.  I’m not the stay-at-home-mom type; I’m bored at home, even working part time. I’m looking forward to my return to the office.  In just this week, Jessie & I have left the house maybe twice: once for church and once to go to Dairy Queen for dinner (yay for free Oreo Blizzards).  Yet, I feel like my leave has gone by too fast and I’m just now getting to know who Jessie is. She looks so much like Maggie did, though Maggie had/has a rounder head.  But she is just now starting to develop her own personality.  Giggles and coos.  Tonight, I watched Jessie studying me.  Her eyes were taking in my face, looking it over as if she were memorizing each feature. She studied me like I’ve studied her over these past 10 weeks.  Taking in each freckle, each line, each imperfection.  And then, she does it.  She breaks into that big, toothless baby grin that could melt the heart of the SnowMiser himself.  And I can help but be thankful for the privilege of being allowed to do this all again.

I look forward to watching Jessie grow and turn into her own little person.  Even the difficult times, like tonight with Maggie.  Getting upset over a missing straw was over the top and so was the punishment for lying (both me) – Maggie likes to tell you what she thinks you want to hear, so she is having trouble with lying.  And of course, then SHE does it.  She hugs me, looks at me with those big blue eyes and says “I love you, Mom.”  And I realize that it’s all about the journey we are taking together and the joy in that journey.

Joy, to me, is more than happiness squared.  Joy is a contentedness that allows me to know there is meaning in this life.  Joy does not depend on circumstances and is in the big things (family) and little things (pacifiers!). I’m happy that God has put me on this journey with Rocky, Maggie & Jessie.

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  1. Good Luck going back to work! :(
    Great heartfelt post!

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  3. Oh yes. You hit it right on the head. Being content almost always equals joy! LOVE your girls names. Maggie has always been one of my favorites and Jessie is so cute too!

    Good luck back at work.