Monday, August 23, 2010

Of course she’s happy, she’s at Luccock!

 luccock10bAnother beautiful weekend at Luccock Park Camp.  We arrived late afternoon Friday August 20th. It was a bit warm, but not even close to the heat in Billings. 

As expected, it was a wonderful weekend.  Maggie & Rocky fished and met a black bear, we hiked to the  falls, I got to read a little bit in my “Amazing Grace” book, Jessie got lots of attention and enjoyed the breeze on her luccock10atongue.  Most of the weekend was filled with free time.  We had campfires each night, and smores each night.  Sunday morning, a retired Bozeman pastor held a worship service and talked about baptism.  It was a moving service in which we were all blessed again and Jessie got a little informal baptism – Rocky & Maggie missed that part as about halfway through Maggie decided she needed to see the water again.

2 things really stick out from the weekend:  1. Someone commented that Jessie is a happy baby.  Brenden Miller heard and remarked: “Of course she’s happy, she’s at Luccock.”  2.  Maggie did not want to leave.


 luccock10dluccock10fluccock10e luccock10hThere is just something about being up in the mountains that renews my soul and strengthens my faith. 


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