Saturday, August 8, 2009

US Traveler Maggie

Maggie has always been a pretty good car traveler. This trip is her very first airline trip. We have talked it up for quite some time, so she was very very excited. We were worried she would get scared, but she was just an old pro. She was definite that she wanted to sit by me on the "airplane ride." With Slush in hand and her butterfly backpack stuffed with snacks, she was well prepared.

The first ride from Billings went very smoothly. You never would have guessed it was Maggie's first airplane ride. She watched her movies some, but really really liked unbuckling her seatbelt and watching the clouds. She also spent some time "reading" the safety guide and pointed out the water and letters on the guide.

We had plenty of colors, movies, books to keep her entertained, but the 5 hour + layover in Chicago pressed the limits. Maggie did so good! We walked around O'Hara. She LOVED the people movers and the "skeleton dinosaur." She fought off sleep as long as she possibly could. She fell asleep soon after take off to Madison, watching "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer."

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