Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spanish Wine

The other night, after a particularly difficult day, I opened the rose (not sure how to do accent marks here) , Merum Monastrell a "Product of Spain" in my "wine cellar" (a rack that holds approximately 18 bottles in my crawl space). Also purchased at City Vineyard, thanks to my wonderful husband who gave me a gift card for my birthday, it came with the salesgirl's recommendation of a great rose. I'm feeling rather "meh" about it. It is a beautiful color, but a tad drier than I expected. It has a pretty label, but I am not impressed. The other night, I guess I didn't care to much as when I thought back, I thought I enjoyed it. Of course, the other night was the night before I had to attend the funeral of another coworker's son who was killed in ANOTHER car accident. I counted up and realized I have gone through 6 different deaths this summer and only one was a timely death (rest in peace Great-Aunt Lovella). I supposed most anything would do after a summer like that. Though a few coworkers do agree with me that the time is never right to crack open a Bud.

I did decide that once we officialy start trying for another baby, I will stop drinking. There is no reason for me to think that the beers I drank before finding out I was pregnant had anything to do with the miscarriage, but why take the chance? If it takes awhile, I may change my mind and I reserve that right.

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