Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maggie's Nursery Rhymes

Today is show and tell day at day care and the kids were asked to bring in their favorite book. Maggie decided to take "Where's God When I'm Scared?" a book based on the VeggieTales video. Rocky got it for her while we were waiting in the Billings airport. She was very excited to share it with her friends and was even more excited when Miss Sandy said she would read it right away. Miss Sandy had also brought down some nursery rhymes on posters, so Maggie was momentarily distracted from her book and decided to show me the nursery rhymes. She showed me each one: "Mary had a little lamb", "Hickory Hickory Dock", and everyone's favorite "The Grandma and the Stinky Shoe!" (otherwise known as "There was an Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe.")

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