Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's a girl thing

Maggie's favorite color is pink. Because pink is for girls. And she is a little girl, therefore she likes pink. She was upset in Wisconsin when she discovered our rental car was not pink (it was red). She was upset when we returned home and discovered our actual car is not pink. She told us several times that she needs a pink car. Fortunately, Walgreens had this model on sale and her father was generous enough to purchase it for her. I do not think he will be as generous 12 years from now if she wants a larger sized version.

Maggie is obviously very happy to be a girl. She is very much into telling us "this is for girls and this is for boys." She does not want much to do with things that are for boys right now. When we were potty training, we purchased some boys underpants because she wanted Lightning McQueen panties and they simply do not make girl underpants with Lightning McQueen. The other day, however, suddenly these became "boy underpants" and she was no longer "allowed" to wear them. She was also not "allowed" to wear her Minnesota Vikings shirt because that "is for boys." I tried to explain that girls like football too, but she would hear nothing of it. Funnily enough, the very next day, both were okay to wear. And the Vikings shirt went very very well with her pink gingham pants!

She also informed us last night that she wants a baby sister, but "not a baby brudder." When pressed as to why she did not want a baby "brudder", she relented and said "Okay, I have 2 choices, I want a baby sister AND a baby brudder." (Currently neither is on the way, in case you were wondering.)

This morning, Maggie finished being a fairy princess and is now a "girl princess" which includes wearing: purple crown, purple skirt, play heels, and nothing else. She looks lovely.

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