Monday, August 20, 2012

More Thanks

25. The Fair!
26. Hot, delicious tomato basil soup
27. A walk in the sunshine
28. The song “Beautiful” by Mercy Me at just the right time
29. Lunch with my friend Diane
30. The way Jessie says “Mag-gie!”
31. The way Jessie says “Mom-my!” when I come home from work
32. The golden light of sunrise on the fields behind the house
33. Cool mornings that signal fall is on the way
34. A sure sign, the sign that a decision was the right one
35. Iced coffee on a hot day
36. Daycare & afterschool care all lined up
37. Mickey Mouse pancakes
38. Taking a lesson learned and doing it again, doing it right
39. Hugs for no reason
40. Jessie singing along to “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”
41. Action songs with Jessie
42. A fired up preacher man
43. Joyfully singing with an open heart
44. A little boy wanting to be just like Daddy
45. Emerging bravery
46. High-pitched joyful giggles
47. Hot coffee on a cool morning  

Slowly, but surely, I’m getting there.  I think I need to step it up to get to 1000 by the end of the year.  I have, however, caught myself saying Thank You for various things as I have quiet time.  The author is getting more into Grace and how to say thank you when things are difficult.  This is definitely a book to read many many times.

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