Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 14,610 (again)


Today, I am thankful for the 14,610 days my husband has been on this planet.   He now joins me in a new decade and I think we welcomed this new decade right!  We went out with new friends and one old friend who made the journey from Denver to be here with us!


Dave is Rocky’s oldest friend (and we are looking for the photographic evidence which is around here somewhere).  And it’s been about 8 years since we’ve seen him.  Dave and I conspired to get him here to surprise Rocky.  He got here Friday.  I took half a day off work to pick him up at the airport.  Rocky and Dave spent Friday evening enjoying pizza, a growlers of Angry Hank’s Streetfighter and cigars.  Yesterday, we did put Dave to a little work during the garage sale (roaring success!), but the guys did spend a good part of the afternoon enjoying the Vig.  Last night, some of our new friends joined us at Angry Hank’s for some brews and then to Uberbrew for some awesome food (and brews).  Dave wasn’t sure what to think of the 3 beer limit, but I don’t think he’ll need to eat for about a week with all the food and drink consumed this weekend.

We took Dave on a quick trip to Red Lodge this morning before his flight.  The smoke from the fires has blocked the mountain view, even in Red Lodge, but we got MORE good food and enjoyed the ride.

Happy birthday my love!  I’m looking forward to at least 40 more years with you!

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