Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet Me at the Fair

Maggie & I went to the fair last night.  It was my first time at a State Fair in a long time. I was in high school the last time I went to the South Dakota State Fair, and I think I went to the Colorado State Fair one time in college.  We weren’t in 4-H and none of us were big on rides, so it never seemed worthwhile for the trip.


But the MontanaFair is right down the road.  And we drive by it every. single. day.  Maggie LOVES rides.  She is much braver that I ever was on those rides.  She didn’t even want me to go with her on ANY of them.


Except the Ferris Wheel. That one she held pretty tightly to me on.


We also ran into some friends, so Maggie had a blast going on rides with Caleb, who is just her age and size and only slightly braver than she is.

I so loved watching Maggie’s smiles and joy as she stood excitedly in line.  I’m glad it was “buddy night” so we were able to get a wrist-band pass which allowed her to go on as many rides as her heart desired.  She was tired and thirsty and a little grouchy at the end of the night, but some water and cotton candy perked her up enough to tell dad about the “frog” ride, which was “The most awesome ride EVER!”

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  1. Oh, I seriously cannot WAIT until Eva (and Silas!) are old enough for the fair! I love that picture of her on the carousel-- that's classic childhood. So much fun!! (Also, I can't wait to find out how my kids do on rides.)