Monday, August 13, 2012

I wanted to Thank You

Since starting on my little challenge, this is the song that has been going through my head.  I believe I heard on K-love Radio that he sings “Thank You” over 30 times in this song.  How very appropriate. In less than a week, I have 24 gifts, blessings, reasons to Thank God:

  1. Watching “Curious George” with Maggie
  2. A kiss before work
  3. Toothless grins from my almost 7 year old
  4. Little girl giggles
  5. Snuggles from my Jessie
  6. A husband who still finds me sexy
  7. Purple daisies
  8. Time in prayer with girl friends
  9. Planning surprises
  10. The smell of dry erase markers
  11. A cancelled obligation & the gift of time
  12. Cold, refreshing water
  13. A free lunch
  14. Early morning snuggles watching cartoons as a family
  15. Fresh smell of rain
  16. Raindrops causing ripples in the swimming pool
  17. Giant sunflowers just starting to bloom
  18. Cupcakes baking, smell wafting throughout the house
  19. A whispered “I love you,” secret, seemingly stolen in time
  20. Jessie saying “Oh pretty!”
  21. Popcorn, the timeless snack
  22. The smell of sunshine still in Jessie’s hair
  23. Splashing water on a hot Sunday afternoon
  24. The hint of pink against a leaving storm cloud at sunset

I think I’m off to a good start and will hit my goal in no time!

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