Monday, August 27, 2012

#1000gifts; More thanks!

48. A visit from an old friend
49. Being able to count on someone
50. A wonderful, faithful husband, knowing I can always trust him
51. An early rising daughter excited for school
52. Sunrise on the start of a new school year
53. The sparkle in my 1st graders eyes
54. The flash of my camera to capture the moment
55. A painful drop off at daycare – knowing the wonderful lesson that Mommy will come back
56. A new idea that is accepted with enthusiasm
57. Girl Scouts and Maggie’s excitement for the group
58. Spending time searching for the lesson I’m supposed to be learning
59. Recognizing something, a feeling within myself that I don’t like and adding it to my prayer list
60. Blue sparkly toes
61. The realization that my happiness, my joy does not need to depend upon my job
62. Smores bars
63. A little girl who makes adjustments easily, most of the time
64. Free movie tickets
65. Jessie bringing home a correctly colored “Brown Bear” paper
66. Opportunity to trust God with money
67. Half day of work
68. A new found ability to look at a tricky, difficult work situation as an opportunity
69. Taking time to humble myself at work to be able to work as if I am working for God and not man
70. Time with friends
71. Celebrating Rocky’s birthday
72. Delicious microbrews
73. Getting a table big enough for everyone
74. A delicious burger
75. The look on Rocky’s face when he saw Dave
76. Watching Rocky with Dave
77.  Old friends
78. New friends
79. A yard sale more successful than I could have believed
80. Time to think about that next step

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