Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Big Girl


My Maggie.  6 1/2 years old, 1/2 way through Kindergarten – coasting her way through!  We had parent/teacher conferences on Monday, and while Maggie is not off the charts, she is darn close!  She is excelling at reading and catching onto the math concepts so well.  She loves to practice her math with workbooks her grandparents have given her.  Her school is doing a read-a-thon and the first night she read for 90 minutes, instead of the requested 30.  Of course, she did have new books to help that along.  She is starting to like Chapter books and as she told Ms Rodacker: “the fun thing about chapter books is there aren’t a lot of pictures, so you have to make pictures in  your head!”

Emotionally, she has really matured as well.  She is not as prone to bursting into tears at the drop of a hat, and when she feels the tears coming on, she is able to pull herself together quickly.  She can still get upset and we have seen the tears come if she is tired or hungry, but just not as often as before.

Maggie is a Daisy Scout and finally gets to sell Girl Scout cookies!  She actually got a little upset that I sold some for her the other night!  Less than a week into sales, she is 9 boxes from her goal of 175 boxes – so she can get a giraffe print journal & pen pal.  The girls are going to use their money to help sponsor a Poison Arrow Dart Frog at ZooMontana and do a fun activity as well – Maggie has voted for an afternoon at the Reef, an indoor water park here in Billings!  She has earned a few badges and was so proud of her Daisy pin.  She even took her vest to school for show and tell.

She is still a good big sister, sharing well with Jessie.  She also does pretty good at just going upstairs if she needs some time away from Jessie.  Maggie loves to wrestle; hardly a night goes by without her coming up to either me or her Dad, with an impish grin on her face, “Wanna wrestle?”

Maggie really is a good kid.  I am so proud of her!

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