Tuesday, February 7, 2012

20 Months Old

Wow. 20 months of Jessica. So hard to believe. She is such a wonder to me. Watching her continually make discoveries and how amazed she is by the world makes the world amazing to me. She will color now and not just eat the crayons. She sings songs to herself. She is starting to play alone with her babies and animals.  The other day she pushed a teddy bear up to the table and gave it a plate then got a plate for herself and sat and pretended to eat and feed her bear.  Her hair is starting to grow in though she still really just has a little duck tail.  She is talking, a lot. I can understand, a little. She lives "Sesame Street" and can identify most of the Muppets and especially loves "El-MO"!  She is still signing quite a bit and I need to pull the book out again to see if there other words she can pick up.  She is still extremely active, never sitting still unless she's asleep and even then not very still. She likes to climb, but is a little cautious. She's getting good at getting up & down the stairs. And if we didn't think Wiconi would steal all the toys, we'd probably take the gates down.  We are still nursing. I was pleasantly surprised that we picked up where we left off after the Walk. I've started thinking about when to wean. I'm kind of ready to have my body back but it's hard to say no to her when she asks, so sweetly "Pease Momma." We've started offering her a bottle of milk when she asks and it works sometimes. I know that nursing is not giving her everything she needs now so we are trying to distract her more. Maybe when she's home full time with Rocky the transition will happen. 
She still loves to give hugs and is just a sweetie pie, charming everyone she meets. She loves her Sissy and Maggie is such a great big sister. I love to watch then together.  We are so blessed.

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