Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just Like Sissy

Jessie loves her Sissy! And while Maggie does relish her role as big sister, there are occasions of frustration for her.

At 19 months now, Jessie can recognize most major body parts on herself and others. She is starting to recognize colors which they are working on in her room at daycare. Her vocabulary continues to expand both verbal & sign. I had forgotten how much fun it is to watch a toddler learn!  Her favorite word right now is "ah-pee" (open). She is also kind of starting to count: when she wants to jump she will start with "two, two"

I'm still nursing Jessie. I've started thinking about weaning her, but it still calms her and we nurse when she asks - which how can you say No when your toddler signs eat and says "pease" at the same time?

Jessie loves to wrestle and tickle and be tickled!  She loves to dance, giggle, and hug the dogs. Who reluctantly put up with her! I think they both know she is a great source of scraps & will soon be able to play real games.

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