Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ice Skating!

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It was Girl Scouts on Ice day at the local hockey rink.  Maggie & I were able to spend an hour learning how to get up off the ice, er ice skate.  I was very very proud of Maggie, who fell often, but got up with a smile on her face every single time.  I was also pretty proud of myself, in that not only did I not fall, but I was able to help Maggie and even skate a little bit myself – which is impressive as I haven’t even been on rollerblades since we left Michigan.

Once we took our skates off, the hunger got the better of her and the crabbiness started.  Fortunately, McDonald’s wasn’t far away and I was able to stave off a total meltdown with some McNuggets, french fries, and a hot chocolate.

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