Saturday, September 24, 2011

Now that I am 6 …

MRD BDAY04Due to a “miscommunication,” Maggie & I did not go horseback riding the weekend we went to Luccock. Needless to say, Maggie was extremely disappointed. Fortunately, one of the women I work with has horses and she was eagerly allowed us to bring Maggie over to ride Roxy, her 5 year old mare.  I’m not sure that Maggie really believed us when we first told her, but when we missed the turn and had to turn around, she was very worried that we weren’t going to see the horses.

Charlotte had Roxy all ready to go and walked Maggie around several times.  Maggie had a big grin on her face the whole time.  We also got to pet baby Mocha and the other 2 horses, who Maggie enjoyed picking grass for while we were there.


   MRD BDAY05 

We were there about 45 minutes and then headed to Applebee’s, which Maggie had selected for her birthday lunch.  They even sang to her and brought her a birthday sundae!


It was a quiet birthday, but I think it’s what Maggie wanted.  Grandpa Mike & Grandma Bonnie are here to help celebrate.  She got a Barbie Vet kit, Smurf Dance Party game for the Wii, a Dr. Suess book “If I Ran the Zoo”, and lots of great presents from her grandparents, including Princess sheets, blankets & curtains for her “new” room!  She took cupcakes to school yesterday and they sang to her.  A little later tonight, we’ll all have cupcakes and get some candles out for her.

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