Saturday, September 17, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences Kindergarten Style

We had our first conference with Maggie's Kindergarten teacher earlier this week. They have conferences at the beginning of the semester to allow the teacher to ask us some questions and then later in the year to talk about how the teacher thinks Maggie is doing. I really like Mrs Rodacker. She seems to really like this age group, which I think is SO important.

We talked about Maggie's interests (music, coloring) and how we think she learns (listening). We are looking into getting her into Girl Scouts (COOKIES) which Mrs Rodacker thinks she'd really like.

We also got some great Maggie-isms:

Maggie took a sweatshirt to school the other day. When Mrs Rodacker told the kids to get their coats, Maggie was sure to say, each and every time, "I have a sweatshirt. "

One day at recess, Maggie sat next to Mrs Rodacker under a tree and said "Do you know what's the best part of summer? The best part of summer is sitting against a tree in the shade watching the clouds.... oh, and catching dragon flies!"

Mrs Rodacker told us how Maggie plays well with the other kids and even has a calming effect on one of the more rambunctious boys, who likes playing in Maggie's imagination games. There are some zoo animal toys Maggie plays with a lot, lining them up, moms & babies together.

Kindergarten really agrees with Maggie and I'm glad we didn't try to send her last year as I'm not sure the transition would have been aa smooth. I asked Maggie what she did at school and she told me "Oh, Mom, I just had so much fun I don't remember what we did!"
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