Sunday, October 2, 2011

Babies are Growing Up

Today Jessie is 16 months old and Rusty is 5 months old. Rusty is definitely growing faster. He's very leggy and his backside sometimes moves faster than his front. He is a sweet dog who is pretty darn smart: he knows sit, crate, out, and is getting good at fetch! He is getting along well with both girls and even lets Jessie give him hugs.

Jessie is growing fast too. She has 7 teeth and her hair is starting to come in. Though I think it will be awhile before she needs a haircut! She has started going to Sunday School though I don't know that she gets anything out if it. They try to get her to color but I think she mostly chews on the crayons!

She fights sleeps as much as her sister and doesn't nap well at home, unless we're in the car! She loves playing with her babies, wrapping them in blankets, giving them bottles and carrying them in the doll carrier.
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  1. Stumbled upon your blog and may I say you have the cutest family ever! Love to all from Ireland and i'll be sure to come back and read in the future! Grainne xox