Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wine Club

I joined a monthly wine club!  I finally have my student loan paid off (hallelujah!) and I decided to celebrate by signing up for one of the Simply Wine monthly wine clubs.  I opted for the Simply Wine Club, which is 3 wines for $29.95.  And today I picked up my very first selections!!


The white: Six Hats Chenin Blanc (South African). The reds: La Maia Lina Gertrude (Italian) and All About Red (Californian).  Tonight, I’m drinking the All About Red.


From Simply Wine: This delicious little California red blend from Thomas Halby is the perfect fall wine. It is easy to pair with just about any meal & light enough for a warm day. Zin, Merlot, Cab & Petit Sirah blended together for a smooth, well balanced wine.

I picked this one to try first because I wanted something lighter tonight and sometimes reds can be so heavy that I feel like I’m not doing the wine justice if I’m not having a nice juicy steak with it.  And steak was not on the menu tonight.

I like this light red wine.  It might gain a little body if it sat for a few years, but I really like it as is.  I think this might be a nice transition wine for those who prefer whites, but are looking to expand their horizons.  Salut!

For the record, all of my wine blogs are non-compensated.  I do it because I enjoy wine and want to share those that I enjoy and those I don’t with others.  I also want to keep a record of the wines I do enjoy so I can purchase them in the future.

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