Monday, September 19, 2011

Those Magic Moments

"When I am six" is a phrase we have heard a lot in our house lately. Maggie turns 6 this coming Saturday. And for about a year, she has told us that when she is 6 she will sleep by herself. Maggie has always been a snuggler and, for the past several years, we have made a couple of tries at getting Maggie into her own bed all night long. Before Jessie was born, she told us she would do it when she was a big sister, but lots of grandmas in the house and we fell back into the nightly snuggling habit. Finally, we came up with THE idea. The one idea that would get Maggie in her own bed consistently: Bunk Beds! And when some friends of ours were looking to get rid of theirs as their girls are almost grown, well, it became an offer we all couldn't refuse. So yesterday, we went to get them.

Maggie helped carry parts to the truck.

All set up and ready for bed!

Now we just need to figure out how to keep Jessie from climbing the ladder!

This Magic Moment is brought to you by Things I Can't Say

It's magic because we are one kid closer to getting our bed back!!

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