Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences 2010

Another successful conference with Maggie's preschool teacher. She has a new teacher this year: Miss Amy was a caregiver in daycare prior to becoming the preschool teacher, so Maggie took no time at all to warm up to her. Miss Amy has recommended that Maggie try out the 3 day preschool class as she is more than academically ready. She is ahead of her peers in the 2 day class and Amy feels she will benefit from the 3 day class.

Amy told us she loves Maggie's enthusiasm, which is very apparent recently as she just LOVES everything and everything is the BEST THING EVER.

Amy went through the Kindergarten readiness checklist and showed us that Maggie is pretty much doing everything the schools expect as far as entering Kindergarten -- though she is still young and small and another year of preschool isn't going to hurt her. She did the same "test" with Maggie as was done last year and I will scan in Maggie's rainbow interpretation of herself and me and her handwriting. She is counting like she should and counted to ten for Amy (though she can count to about 23-25, still usually skipping 15). She could even give Amy 3, 5 and 8 items. She recognized capital and lower case letters, her colors and shapes.

Maggie got to feed the "preschool fish" last night and explained to us that you "can't feed them very much or they might DIE! And we don't want them to DIE! Because that would be sad."

It is very apparent that Maggie just loves preschool and I'm so happy we've been able to send her for the past 2 years. We do have her on the wait list for the Little Seeds Daycare, which is at our church. They have 5 day a week preschool and are right across the street from the Gazette. If we can move her, we wouldn't until September when the new "school year" would start. We also have the baby on the list over there. My only concern with Little Seeds is they don't have a big outdoor area, but the fact that it is closer to me and Rocky kind of outweighs that. I have missed having Maggie within walking distance. But the YWCA has been great for her and she has really learned a lot there, so if we don't get into Little Seeds I know both kids will be in wonderful hands.

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