Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maggie and the Baby

Maggie has started asking questions about the baby in my tummy. The other night, she asked me what was growing in my tummy, and after I told her a baby, she proceeded to put her cold feet on my tummy! So now that she's asking questions, we are talking about it in more concrete terms rather than hypothetical.

This morning, Maggie mentioned again that she would like 2 babies, a baby brother and a baby sister. We told her again that there was only one baby. She is very disappointed that there is only one. I'm not quite sure why she is fixated on having 2 babies, but it is very important to her. She even told us this morning that "We can have 2 cradles on top of each other. One will be painted with rainbows for my baby sister and the other with Transformers for my baby brother. And Mommy and I can paint them!" Perhaps we need to find her some twin baby dolls and some cribs for them that she can paint.

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  1. Well, she is onto something. Multiples are awesome. :)